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Psa 55:15  Let death seize upon them, and let them go down quick into hell: for wickedness is in their dwellings, and among them.

Hell is also known as the heart of the earth, the nether parts of the earth, the lower parts of the earth, Hades or the pit.

Hell is located in the heart of the earth.

Hell is a place where the devil and his angels dwell and it is also the place where wicked people are sent there after death for punishment.

Wicked people are sent to hell after death because they rejected the finished works of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ on the cross.

The only way to escape everlasting condemnation and shame is to know Jesus Christ and repent of all your sins. If you fail to repent of your sins, you will end up in hell.

It doesen't matter which religion you were raised with, if you do not know the Lord Jesus Christ; you will end up in hell.

The lord Jesus Christ warned us about hell. The doctrine of hell is all over the bible from the Old Testament to the New Testament.

The devil tries to conceal the existence of hell or he tries to make people think that hell is not as terrible as people imagine hell to be.

The last thing that the devil wants you to do is for you to listen to the gospel of our lord and savior Jesus Christ. He would do anything to keep your mind, your ears, your eyes of the message of the gospel.

The word of God is the truth about morality, eternity and everything concerning our lives. Any teaching or any religion that contradicts the word of a God is a lie.

Anyone that refuses to follow the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ is on the broad path of death and hell.

Hell is a real place. Men may laugh and they may make jokes about the existence of such a place called hell, natural instinct decide to ignore it, to not think about it whatsoever but to deny it.

Men really don
t want to hear about hell, they want to make it a brand of jokes, they want to make the devil a little figure with a pitch fork because they dont want to hear that their sins are going to be punished in such a way that I want to tell you defies description.

So they make statements to the effect, once the jokes are made and beyond, but you know God is such a God of love and mercy that He wouldn't punish somebody in hell for it.

God is saying in essence, He will not bend his law, He will not tolerate sin to go unpunished. God will not wink his eye; God will not pass over transgressions.

Sin must be punished. God is love, blessed be his holy name for that truth. But our God is holy and our God loves holiness, our God loves purity. The only two emotions of God are love and wrath.

Hand join in hand the wicked will never go unpunished.

A lot of unrepentant sinners are burning in hell waiting for the great white throne of judgment after which they will once again be cast into everlasting punishment; this is known as the lake of fire and brimstone.

If you have time, try to read the book of Revelation 20:15.

Are you ready for judgment after death?  The word of God tells us that it is appointed for man once to die but after this the judgment (Heb 9:27).

Young people that do not know the lord and think that this world is a sinning party listen to me.

There will be no tears from your mum and dad, they have pleaded with you, they have begged you to come to Jesus Christ, to repent of all your sins, but you have laughed and spat in their faces, but on that day when the Lord Jesus passes judgment and says bind hand and foot, your mum and dad will have been redeemed by the blood of the lamb and will say Amen, let the will of God be done.

Everything changes that day. There are no tears in heaven; there are only tears in this life. Turn to Christ, repent and believe, come to Christ.

If you go on the rest of your life, disobeying that gospel command to believe on the lord Jesus Christ, you will find out the reason for hell.

Your companions of hell will be sodomites, lesbians, church goers, false preachers, murderers, seducers, harlots, gamblers, false teachers, Christ rejectors, whoremongers, idolaters e.t.c shall go there.

The compliments that make up hell, the damned and the wicked.

Down in the pit of hell, you will remember how many times you were begged to come to Jesus Christ and turn your life to Christ. No prayer in hell will suffice because the prayer of the damned go unheard.

This is the day of repentance and this is the day of salvation. Come to Jesus Christ before you die or before He comes back. Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven and the only way out of hell.

Those that die with Jesus Christ go to heaven while those that die without Christ Jesus go to Hell.
Turn to Jesus because hell is a real place.
Hell is a real place.
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Hell is a real place