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2Pe 3:17  Ye therefore, beloved, seeing ye know these things before, beware lest ye also, being led away with the error of the wicked, fall from your own stedfastness.

It is common today for Christians to mix in with unbelievers and often times they get influenced by the evil deeds of the heathen and they end up being led astray from the way of righteousness.

We see in the churches women being influenced by ungodly women into the evil practice of indecent dressing and lasciviousness.

We see lukewarm pastors condoning gay marriages in their churches, and fake Christians being weighed down with the pressure of the world which causes them to water down the gospel of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ.

We are taught by Jesus Christ to embrace that which is good and detest that which is evil. The word of God tells us not to mix in with unbelievers.

Do not mix in with unbelievers if you are not preaching the word of God to them or trying to reprove them of their unfruitful works of darkness.

Coming separate from the world is a strong commandment in the New Testament in which true believers must obey. Do not hang out with unbelievers if you are not trying to change them to turn from darkness to light.

If you hang out with unbelievers and you are not trying to bring them to Christ, they will lead you in the paths of death and hell.

It is unfortunate that some people who call themselves Christians emulate the deeds of the wicked instead of the wicked emulating the deeds of the righteous.

When you see people sinning, reprove them and tell them the will of God but do not participate in their unfruitful works of darkness.

Do not be led astray with the error of the wicked and do not be a partaker of their sins.

Be a channel of humility where there is pride, be a channel of wisdom where there is ignorance, be a channel of love where there is hatred, be a channel of unity where there is disunity, be a channel of faithfulness where there is unfaithfulness and finally be a channel of righteousness where there is unrighteousness.

Resist being influenced by the error of the wicked but instead reprove the wicked. Let Jesus Christ use you and make you a channel of righteousness anywhere you go.

If we are not led astray with the error of the wicked but rather we bring the wicked to the right path of salvation then we will prove ourselves to be true children of light.
Error of the wicked.
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