Rev 3:15  I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot.
Rev 3:16  So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.

If we have to follow God, we have to worship Him in Spirit and in truth.

We can only be in union with Christ Jesus if we live a life of repentance and holiness.

God detests lukewarm Christianity and He has warned us about that lifestyle and we ought to take the words of Christ Jesus into consideration.

A Lukewarm Christian is is neither cold nor hot. This is a Christian who has not fully dedicated himself or herself to serving Jesus Christ.

A lukewarm Christian lives a double christian life. They are serving Jesus Christ in their own way and are also living in sin.

Lukewarm Christians are trying to go to heaven while at the same time walking on the broad path of death and hell. If you serve the devil in any way, the devil has  legal rights into your life.

Lukewarm Christians will receive greater damnation because it shows that you are not genuine but a hypocrite. Jesus Christ warned and detested the hypocrites.

Forsake lukewarm Christianity. Forsake the unfruitful works of darkness and serve God with your whole heart without any reservation.

Some examples of lukewarm Christians are women with the attire of an harlot. T

hese type of women profess to be followers of Jesus Christ while at the same time the devil is using them to spread sexual immorality and lust in the church and the society.

These women love dressing indecently and aid a lot in triggering lustful thoughts. These women wear tight jeans, high heels, make ups, mini skirts, skin tights, show cleavage, transparent dresses, tight dresses e.t.c.

Jesus Christ said that lust is a sin, and women who wear the attire of an harlot help the devil in spreading lust in the church and the society in general.

Women who wear the attire of an harlot are lukewarm christians. A true Christian woman can never be a stumbling block to her brothers in Christ.

There is no such thing as a gay Christian, a seducing Christian, an unforgiving Christian, a hateful Christian, a slandering Christian, unfaithful Christian, or a sinning Christian.

There is no half way; if you are living an unrepentant Christian lifestyle, you are not a Christian but a lukewarm Christian because you are going against the teachings of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ.

The word of God tells us that only those who obey the gospel of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ will be saved.

Be holy as God is holy; try to be perfect as God is perfect. Repent and turn away from iniquity. Cleanse your hands from sin. Purify your hearts you double minded and God will save you.

God will spew lukewarm Christians into hell. Lukewarm Christians deceive the unbelievers.

They do so because when they are continuing to live in sin, a new convert who looks up to them may tend to think that those things that they are doing are acceptable in the eyes of the Lord.

Therefore they may make the new converts to continue living in sin, thinking that they are pleasing to God.

This will definitely cause the new converts to stray from the path of truth. Lukewarm Christians cause the new converts who look up to them to stumble and therefore the blood of the converts will be poured over them.

Follow Jesus Christ without looking back. Do not partake in worldly things, let those things go and do not desire them in your hearts.

Let your behavior, dressing, faith, communication and all aspects of your Life represent the will of God.

God will assign the lukewarm Christians their portion with the hypocrites and there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Let us come to Jesus Christ without looking back to worldly things and let God and the world know that we are true Christians.

Live a life that conforms to the word of God and forsake living a double questionable Christian lifestyle. Let us follow God in deed and word.
Warning Lukewarm Christians
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