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When the lord Jesus Christ was on the earth, he told his disciples a parable concerning the wheat and the chaff.

He said that a king had planted good seed in his vineyard but after a while, wheat sprung up and the chaff also sprang up.

His servants asked the owner of the vineyard whether they should go and remove the chaff from the wheat but the master said that let the wheat and the chaff grow together but during the harvest, they will first gather the chaff and burn them and then put the wheat into his garner.

The Lord said that children of the wicked one are the chaff while the righteous were represented by the wheat.

The harvest is during the end of the world where the wicked will suffer the vengeance of eternal fire while the righteous will dwell with God for eternity.

Right now the wicked live together with the just on planet earth. The reason why the Lord allows the righteous to mix with the wicked, is to test the wicked and the just.

How you live your life on this earth shows the kingdom that you are serving and the master that you desire to meet as soon as you die.

When you are living in sin, children of God will be sent by Jesus Christ to try to preach the gospel of the kingdom to you, to see whether you will turn from darkness to light or if you are a child of God, the devil will send his children to tempt you and persecute you and all manner of demonic schemes will be performed against you so that you can look back and go back to the ways of the world.

Once you are on this earth you will be tempted and persecuted if you a Christian.

If you are a child of the wicked one, the gospel of the kingdom will reach your eyes and ears so that you can forsake your wicked ways and come to Jesus Christ. After death it is the judgment.

Once a person has died it is a done deal a cut of time. Once a person has died he or she receives the wages of his or her labour.

Spirit is eternity whether heaven or hell.

Heaven or hell is eternal. Are you prepared to meet God, prepare yourself because you do not know the hour or the day when you will die? Do not bear bad fruits, because a tree is known by its fruits.

A good tree produces good fruits while a corrupt tree produces evil fruits. A good person cannot live a sinful life while a bad person cannot live a righteous life, Jesus Christ told us by their fruits you shall know them.

This life is a test on where you will spend your eternity when you die.

When you die in Christ Jesus, you enter into eternal glory because you have no question to answer to God because you are done with all the temptations and trials of the devil and his children.

When a wicked man or a woman dies, he or she goes and faces further conflict because he or she has more questions to answer.

The word of God says that God is just and He is not a respecter of persons. We should therefore pass our sojourning here in fear because he will render to every person based on our works on this earthly life.

The souls that have been redeemed and rejoicing in heaven faced similar challenges and temptation that you are facing but made wise decision and right now they are reaping the fruits of their labour, while souls that are weeping and gnashing their teeth in the pit, faced similar challenges and temptations that we are facing but they made wrong decisions and right now they are reaping what they sowed when they were alive.

This life is a test, make sure that you pass the test. If we have to live with a Holy God for all eternity we have to prove ourselves that we love Him and we are worthy of that Gift that he offered for us on the cross.

Live a holy life in Christ Jesus and follow the teachings of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ.

The God of the bible is the true living God; all others are thieves and robbers.

As long as you live on this earth you will be tested and you will prove yourself whether you are a true child of God or a true child of the wicked one. Your faith must be tested.

Faith that has not been tested cannot be trusted.

This life is a test
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