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Pro 10:18  He that hideth hatred with lying lips, and he that uttereth a slander, is a fool.

Slander is a false spoken statement which is intended to damage the reputation of a person.

Slander is a sin and God has warned us in the bible that those who utter slanderous remarks will not inherit the kingdom of God.

The people who utter slanderous remarks are evil in their hearts. The chief priests and Pharisees slandered Jesus. They called our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ a glutton and a drunkard.

In our Christian walk, we face slanderous remarks from wicked people who are offended by the truth of the Gospel.

Most of the time when children of God rebuke sin; children of the wicked one will be offended and start slandering the believer.

They may write articles, books, post videos on YouTube or facebook about that particular believer and spread false rumors about him or her.

They might be telling other people that, the believer is a Satanist, a false prophet or anything that will damage his or her reputation which can a go a long way in preventing people from receiving the truth.

It is a sad commentary that some people who profess themselves to be Christians also utter slanderous remarks.

They might spread false rumors in the church which might cause the church to end or people to depart from the church.

God takes the sin of slander seriously because it can have negative eternal implications both on the slanderer and the person who has been slandered. Slander may also lead to grudges.

A person who has been slandered may develop grudges; which will prevent God from forgiving them their sins because Jesus told us if we fail to forgive our neighbors our trespasses neither will God forgive us.

A person who has been slandered might also go to hell because of developing unforgiveness and roots of bitterness. Most of the time, slander is issued by people who are full of pride.

If a person wants a particular position in the church or his or her place of work and he or she fails to get it, they might slander the person who has been chosen to fill up that vacant position.

Other pastors feel bad because other pastors have a large following and God is using them mightily and they result in slandering them.

The wages of slander is death. If the person who has published posts, videos, articles, or spoken false statements about somebody and he or she fails to repent, that person will wind up in hell.

We as Christians have to be careful on the things which we say to other people because it can bring roots of bitterness and our eternal life in heaven will be affected.

Jesus Christ told us to love one another. Slander is the exact opposite. Slander is as a result of a wicked heart and hatred for other people.

We as Christians shouldn't make false judgments about a person or a situation. If we have to make a judgment, let our judgment be righteous.

If we do not pass a righteous judgment, then we end up issuing slanderous remarks and God will judge us.

It is time for the wicked to repent and even Christians who are issuing slanderous remarks about other people to repent and apologize to the people that they have offended.

We as Christians have to be quick to forgive those who slander our names. Let us live peaceably with all men and let us learn to speak positively about other people. Slander is a sin.
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Slander is a sin