Pro 8:36  But he that sinneth against me wrongeth his own soul: all they that hate me love death.

Sin is an act of rebellion towards God and his laws.

God has promised excellent things in the afterlife to those who honour him.

We can only prove our love to God by keeping the commandments.

The word of God tells us that those who know God keep the commandments.

Anyone that claims to have fellowship with God and does not keep the commandments has not seen neither known God, for God is holy and in him their is no darkness.

God hates sin and there is a punishment coming on sin.

One of the mission of the devil in our lives is to push us to sin so that the relationship that we have with Jesus Christ is terminated. Sin brings in a barrier between God and mankind.

Jesus Christ told us that whoever sins against him offends his or her own soul. Every unrepentant sinner must pay for his or her own sin.

This is because the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is life through Jesus Christ our lord (Romans 6:23). Sin is a killer, when sin is finished it brings forth death.

God cannot hide his eyes from our iniquity. Sin will always be punished.

Hell is a place located in nether parts of the earth and is waiting for every sinner to grasp him or her if they fail to repent.

Sin will destroy your marriage, sin will take your money away and sin will land you in hell when you die if you fail to repent.

If you sin, you are despising your own soul because it is your soul that will be tormented in hell for all eternity. The word of God tells us that the soul of trangressors shall eat violence.

You put your soul at risk when you sin because death is certain and it can happen at any time.

Because death is certain we ought to live each moment as if it was our last day to avoid offending Jesus Christ and reaping everlasting condemnation and shame when we die.

The word of God says that whoever comes to the son, the son shall in no wise cast out. Sin will cause your soul to suffer.

Repent while there is still time, seek the lord while he may be found. If you are wondering in the wildnerness of sin and you have not repented, your soul is in great danger.

If death was to surprise you, you will go immediately to the pit. Sin should be taken very seriously expecially among end time saints.

We should avoid sinning at all costs and live a life that pleases our creator to avoid being condemned to eternal damnation. Sinners offend their own soul.
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Sinners offend their own soul