Sin is an act of rebellion against God's laws of righteousness.

Sin offends God and it is a major doorway of demons into our lives.

When we sin we give the devil and his angel
s legal rights into our lives.

Sin empowers demonic forces that are living in your body and gives them legal rights to destroy your life.

The devil and his angels are evil creatures and anything that is evil feeds on evil. When you enjoy living in sin, you provide a condusive environment for demons to dwell in.

Sin provides a condusive environment for demons to dwell in and that is why they are mostly located in places where sin is rampant such as clubs, cinema halls where there are nude shows, bars, and brothels.

Demons feed on evil and detest any form of righteousness.

When you live a sinful life, you empower demonic forces and let them get a better grip of your mind soul and spirit.

When evil spirits have infiltrated into your life and you continue sinning, you give them full control over your life and it will reach a point where you will become flesh of the flesh with the unclean spirits.

This means that the devil will weave into your body and your thoughts and actions will represent the will of demons in the natural.

There is possibly no way the devil will leave your life if you are living a sinful unrepentant lifestyle.

The word of God tells us to submit ourselves to God, to resist the devil and he will flee from us.

When you are delivered from unclean spirits and you continue to live in sin, unclean spirits will come back with seven more demons which are more wicked than themselves and your situation will be much worse.

When you live a pure life in Christ, the devil's that may be living inside or on the onside of your body feel irritated and being starved out.

The devil needs something to feed on while they are living in your body. They need sin to continue living in your body and be confortable.

When demons are in your body they will always be tempting you to sin, they will always be pushing you to sin.

They may tell you to go and listen to immoral music, go and watch pornography, go and fight, be a glutton or anything else that offends God.

When there is no wicked thing going on in your life, demons get irritated and they start vacating your body and your life.

Demons need evil to dwell in your body because sin is their food that is why you find that demon possessed people are always living in sin because they need to keep on sinning to provide a condusive environment for demons to dwell in.

Demons want to express their nature and their will through your body.

When you resist the devil and his sins, they become a prisoner in your body and if you continue starving them out they will have no option but to vacate your life.

As long as you keep yielding to the devil's temptations, demons have no obligation to live you alone. Sin provides a foothold or a strong hold for demons. Give up sin if you want to be free from unclean spirits.

It will be difficult at first to stop sinning but as long as you keep on resisting these demons, the urge for sinning will depart.

When we live pure lives in Jesus, all the demonic doors will be closed and the devil will be forced to depart from our lives because we have denied him the right to entertain itself through our bodies.
Sin empowers satanic forces.
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