Seductive Pictures On Social Media Rebuked
Seductive pictures on social media
that tend to trigger lustful thoughts are common on the web.

Instead of being rebuked it is often encouraged.

Majority of people have been brainwashed by the enemy to think that this behaviour is acceptable.

God hates sexual immorality, and there is a punishment coming on the sexual immoral.

Seductive pictures of lascivious women are scattered all over the web.

The devil has deceived various organizations that they they need lascivious women to make sales or for effective advertisement of their products; but in actuality the devil is using these pictures to trigger lustful thoughts and cause men to commit adultery in their hearts.

Uploading seductive pictures
of yourself scantily dressed on facebook and any other social media accounts that you have is sin.

You perform witchcraft on the people who are looking at your seductive images. When a person lusts after a picture it counts too.

Remember what the lord Jesus Christ told us in Mathew 5:28; that whoever looks on a woman to lust after her has already committed adultery with her in his heart.

In essence the enemy has sent seductive women to post seductive pictures on the internet and destroy as many souls as they can with lust.

Women who are uploading seductive pictures on the internet are servants of the enemy.

Seductive women will give an account on the Day of Judgment for posting seductive pictures on social media accounts.

I know indecent and lascivious photos attract huge number of comments and facebook likes from worldly people and this is the kind of wickedness people enjoy because they have rejected Christ.

Jesus Christ told us for each and every empty word that men utter shall give an account on the day of judgment. The day of judgment is at the door and each and everything that people have done, they will give an account of it.

Are you ready to give an account to the Most High God for all the men that you have seduced, deceived and caused them to lust after you with your seductive images?

And to make the matters worse is that these girls are talking about Jesus on the internet which means that they shall heap to themselves a greater damnation because they are hypocrites and God detests hypocrites.

A Godly woman who professes God, dresses, talks, and behaves in accordance with the word of God.

Do not post seductive pictures on the internet because that is what people like. Every action that you decide to take should be pleasing to God.

Remember what the Lord Jesus Christ told us, whoever makes himself a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of  God.

Demons are entering people
s lives when they look at seductive pictures on the ineternet. Seductive images fall in the same category with pornography.

Use your social media accounts for constructive purposes. This includes things that will edify the body of Christ or  things that will increase people
s intellectual ability.

Let us use our bodies, will and emotions to build one another in the Lord.

Let us not use our bodies as instruments of Lust but let us use it for the Glory of God. If you have been posting seductive pictures on the internet, this is the day of Repentance and this is the day of Salvation.

Repent and turn to Jesus.
Seductive Pictures On Social Media Rebuked.
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