1Ti 2:9 In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array;

In the earlier generations, women were modest and respectful and their presence made God and Christian  men exceedingly glad.

Majority of women in this generation have been swept up in this pagan, heathen society, of indecency, immorality, wickedness, lasciviousness,  vulgarity and they do not have a clue what righteousness and holiness is all about.

Some of these women do not know the difference between right and wrong and that is why they don't feel embarrassed with the exposure of their bodies.

These women think it is a game exposing their bodies in public.

Majority of women in this wicked generation don't care about morality and people who tell them that modesty is important, they are avoided and ridiculed by these women.

These women mock  this men with statements such as "my dress my choice", "you have a dirty mind", "you are a horny pig", "the problem is your mind, "you are a dirty minded old man", don't judge me", "only God can judge me", "mind your business", you are a fool", "i can wear what i want", "God loves me he sees my heart", "i am not affecting anyone with my dressing and my dress does not affect the relationship that i have with God.

Wearing provocative attires and causing men to stumble is the way of the day in this generation and foolish women who are destitute of the truth call it is fashionable.

Seducers are located everywhere nowadays, there is no place that you will not find them.

Women in skimpy attires are found in the streets, supermarkets, churches, shops, universities, colleges, on the billboards, newspapers, magazines, and even on the church altars.

Most of the time seducers and the sexual immoral have served on the church altars and often time have walked out of the churches unrebuked.

Most of this girls think that they are going to heaven and dressing provocatively is not a big issue, but they will find out the hard way that the sexual immoral will not inherit the kingdom of God.

Jesus Christ told us that temptations to sin are likely to come, but woe to whom they do come

Seducers in the streets will have a rough spot in hell fire more than those men that they caused to stumble and commit adultery of the heart.

Those who serve the devil fervently, will receive greater damnation in hell while those that serve the Lord Jesus Christ fervently will receive greater reward in heaven.

If you are a seducer and you die unrepentant, there will be judgment on your part.

Don't let the devil decieve you that you will get away with all your sins. God is a just God and those who cause others to commit adultery of the heart by dressing provocatively must pay for their sins if they refuse to repent and put on modest clothing.

Most of the girls who call themselves Christians dress much worse than prostitutes who walked on this earth 50 years ago.

Majority of the modern day Christian women have been deluded  and they have refused to dress modestly and they are therefore on their way to hell.

Only those that keep the commandments  of God will see God. The bible has warned us several times that those who are lascivious will not inherit the kingdom of God.

A girl who dresses provocatively is causing other people to sin by being a source of temptation.

Women who are immodest are wicked in their hearts  and do care about the wellfare of other people.

If a girl trully cared about the souls of other people, that girl would dress modestly and not make herself a source of temptation to weak brothers in Christ Jesus.

Women are instructed in the holy scriptures to cover their bodies properly and wear that which is modest. Women are not allowed to display their thighs, cleavage, stomach or crack of their butt in public.

The women in the old time were submissive and loved God and even their relationship that they had with God, could be clearly seen, their actions and deeds proved that they loved God.

Most of the women of this generation will not make it to the kingdom of God because of their Jezebel spirit and their seducing nature.

Women of this generation take pleasure in sin and unrighteousness. You will go to hell if you are a seducer. In 10 years to come we will see more of this foolish behaviour.

Immodest dressing is too much. I just don't understand how a woman who was created by God with senses to use and they look themselves in the mirror and see themselves in mini skirts, tight jeans, leggings, lower necklines, low cut blouses and dresses that are clearly designed to offend people and create a stumbling block for men and they smile and go out like that.

The situation has become what it was not supposed to be. A woman is supposed to be normal and have a sense of shame when they do something wrong.

The word of God calls women weak vessels and most of the times their sins are usually designed by the devil to affect men.

t you feel embarrassed wearing ungodly attires? Dont you feel conviction at all that you are sinning?, don't you have any love for your brothers and their eternal habitations?, why are you letting the devil use you to be a stumbling block for men, why do you take pleasure in dressing like a prostitute with no shame, if you are a woman who is immodest and especially if you call yourself a christian, please cover up.

Why are you men who have women around you not doing the right thing?, Why aren
t you telling your daughters, your sisters and your wives to dress modestly? Why do you encourage this behaviour by remaining silent?, Remaining silent in this issue is the major reason why public nakedness is on the rise.

When you confront girls who are indecent and you rebuke them, they will be convicted and the ignorant will get knowledge and those who love the lord will repent if they acknowledge the truth.

Seducers, I plead with you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ please put on decent apparel for the well being of your soul and your brothers.

If you are a woman who is a seducer and indecent, cover up and if you are a man tell your wife, daughter, or sister to dress in a Godly manner.

Let us build the earth and make it a better place to live in. Women and young girls do not let the devil use you to destroy the earth with sexual immorality and lasciviousness.

Their is a tremendous pressure by the world on women to conform to this standard of immodest dressing.

Those who love and honor God will stick to the word of God as their standard for life, while lukewarm Christians  will conform to the world's standards.

Remember what the word of God told us that whoever makes himself or herself to be a friend of the world is an enemy of God.

Jas 4:4  Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.

Those of you girls who are dressing provocatively like the way this insane and sinful world pushes you to dress you are an enemy of God, whether you are singing on the altar, or you are speaking in tongues.

In hell there are alot of women who were speaking in tongues, casting out demons, evangelising and doing other good works while they were on earth but their souls are burning in hell because they refused to wear modest clothing and they thought exposing their bodies in public was fashionable.

Happy is the man whom the Lord will impute no sin.  God is a just God, no seducer has any inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and God, let no man or woman deceive you with vain words, because of this clothings, the wrath of God comes upon the daughters of disobedience.

Most women don't make it to the kingdom of God because of whorish dressing. 

When the women are busy rejoicing and calling themselves sexy, the devil and his wicked demons are mocking and laughing at such ladies, because they know that if they die in that state they will go straight to hell

Girls who dress provocatively are causing many men to commit adultery in their hearts.

The men who are lusting after this girls are sinning before God who is Holy and pure. A girl who exposes her body to the public is definitely the devil's instrument for the destruction of little brothers in Christ Jesus.

A mans mind is tempted when  a girl dresses provocatively and must force himself to think pure or yield to that lust.

It is a constant battle for a man to stay pure in the mind when this women who dress whorishly are around. A man must force himself to look away or walk away until the seducers have departed.

A Godly woman understands this truth and is very careful not to trigger lustful thoughts with her body movements and her exposed flesh.

Women must be alert and careful on the clothes that they choose to wear. Just because women are ignorant about this truth it does not mean that they will get away with it.

The lord Jesus Christ said that my people are lost out of ignorance and because of ignorance the devil is destroying the earth with the aid of seductive women.

Women who dress like hookers are corrupting the world. Ignorance by itself is a sin. Women should learn to embrace modesty because the time for ignorance is over, especially in this end days.

God hates  sexual immorality, nudity, sexy looking and nakedness.

It is common to see women in church, streets and media offices exposing their upper legs, thighs, curves and breasts. It is even turning out to be a sin to read the newspapers and watch news on the television.

Girls of the devil are being used to cause lust even when they are pretending to pass information to the world.

The bible calls it wickedness. If you dress like a whore, that is how you are going to feel about yourself.

You cant deny that not unless satan has perverted your conscience, the way you dress speaks volume about your character. Don't follow the world because the world is always wrong. 

As long as the word of God is conscerned, a woman who shows her thighs in public and in church is promoting sexual immorality, a woman who behaves this way is evil, its sinful and pure wickedness. Its nakedness.

Harmful effects of  Provocative dressing.
Promotes lust, sexual uncleaness and every form of sexual immorality imaginable. Nakedness is sexual immorality and it pollutes the mind of the weak.

Nakedness opens you up to demons.
Nakedness is rebellion and disobedience to the word of God.

Nakedness is not righteousness it is sin against God.

Nakedness lowers the dignity of a woman. A naked woman is possessed by the spirit of Jezebel the mother of all prostitutes.

For those women who put on modest apparel and are not ignorant about the devil's devices thank you so much for the effort you put in to enable men serve God in peace without destructions.

Children of God appreciate if they can find even 1 in a million among women who dress modestly and women who care about the soul of their brothers in Christ.

This is not so for women who dress whorishly. Women who dress whorishly are not our sisters in Christ.

Jesus Christ said his brother, his sister, his mother, his father are those who do the will of his father. Remember that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, keep it fully covered.

Choose whether your body should be used as an instrument of God's glory or an instrument of Lust. Choose this day whom you will serve with your body.

The holy God of Israel or Satan. REPENT AND PUT ON MODEST APPAREL.

Mat 5:28 But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.

Jesus Christ is the author of modest dressing and holiness, while the devil and his demons are the author's of immodest clothing and sexual immorality.

Satan has been sinning from the beginning and those who continue to sin belong to him. 1st John 3:8. 

Identify your source right know because after death is the judgment.
Rebuking provocative dressing.

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Rebuking provocative dressing