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Exo 20:8  Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy.

The Sabbath day; is the holy day of the week that Christians are supposed to use it to rest and to worship God.

The Christian Sabbath day is on Sunday.

We are commissioned by our father in heaven to keep the sabbath day holy.

Failing to keep the sabbath day holy is a sin.

Keeping the Sabbath day holy is a commandment from God.

The lord has been gracious to us and he has given us all the other days of the week to do what is right, but he has required us to give reverence to the Sabbath day and come close to him in worship and prayer.

The Sabbath day is the Lord
s Day and we ought to keep it holy. Unfortunately weak Christians or lukewarm Christians refuse to comply to the orders from above.

Weak Christians and the heathen refuse to comply with the instructions from above and they make the sabbath day their own day.

God will judge those who fail to keep the sabbath day holy but instead use it to wash clothes, go on with their businesses or do anything else that they deem to be important more than God and his laws.

There is a judgment, and the lord will judge each and every one of us especially those who fail to keep the sabbath day holy

Respect the Sabbath day for it is the day of the Lord. We are supposed to go to the Lord's temple on time. When i talk about the Lord's temple, i don't mean going to a catholic church and all that junk.

I mean a Church where the Holy Spirit dwells.

You are not supposed to delay and rob God of the precious time that he is supposed to have or run out of the church before the service is over.

Do not go to the temple of the Lord and start browsing the internet in the church, or checking your phone for messages or recieving calls in the church, dedicate all the time to God.

A lot of people who gave up the ghost went to the pit because they refused to keep the Sabbath day holy.

Even some pastors go to hell because they refuse to keep the Sabbath day holy and use the sabbath day to rob their flock of money.

Everyone should keep the Sabbath day holy and use this day to give glory and honour to the father of Lights.
Keep The Sabbath Day Holy.
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