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Mat 12:36  But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment.

Mat 12:37  For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.

Idle words are false statements which are spoken by people without necessarily having logical proof.

Idle words are careless statements which are issued as a result of jokes or without proper discretion.

Most of the time idle words are slanderous and sinful.

The angels of the lord are in every place writing in the books each and everything that we do or say.

We see the lord Jesus Christ warning people especially the Pharisees who were speaking out of ignorance, offensive statements against Him.

The pharisees called Jesus Christ Belzeebub. Jesus Christ warned them that for every idle word that they speak they shall give an acccount of it on the day of judgment.

Our thoughts, what we speak in the ears of our friends, what we say in public, what we speak in the church, on the net e.t.c are recorded in the books by the holy angels.

This should scare you if you are mocker and you love mocking God and his children. Some of the people who issue idle words are Atheists who do not believe God exists.

Atheists believe in evolution and other stuff, they tend to laugh and mock when they are told to repent and to give their lives to Jesus Christ.

Women who wear the attire of an harlot also utter idle words. These kind of women utter idle words after being advised that they should dress more modestly.

They may issue statements such as leave me alone, only God can judge me, mind your own business, and in some cases extremely offensive statements.

Mary worshippers also issue idle words when they are told to repent and quit idolatry practices.

Be careful of the things which you speak because you will give account of it on the day of judgment.

Examine yourself and consider how many people's lives you have destroyed with your deeds and words or how many people's lives you have built with your deeds and words

By your words you shall be justified and by your words you shall be condemned.

If you use your tongue to speak lies, slander others, backstab ministers of God, mock God and his children, insult others, spread false rumors over a person or a situation, or use your tongue to sow discord among brethren, you definitely will be judged by God.

On the contrary, if you use your tongue to encourage the weak and the broken hearted, to speak out the truth, expose the devil and his angels, and to build and strengthen the relationship among brethren, then definitely you belong to God and you shall be rewarded by Christ.

Your mouth and tongue was given to you by God, use it for the glory of God. Use your tongue to praise God and any other thing that is of sound doctrine.

Most of the time people issue idle words and it brings roots of bitterness to the offended party. Slander and offensive remarks can have negative repercussions on the slanderer and the offended party.

Both the victim and the offended party will be in danger of eternal damnation because of such statements. Idle words and offensive remarks builds seeds of bitterness and hatred.

The offended party will be in danger of eternal damnation if he or she fails to to forgive the slanderer. Let us use words to glorify God and encourage others to turn to Christ. Judgment For Idle Words.
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Judgment for idle words.