I know that starting a blog can be confusing to new bloggers but this guide will help you to know the necessary steps on how to start a successful blog.

In the past starting a blog was quite difficult because a person had to learn programming, coding and other technical stuff, but nowadays creating a blog is quite simple; we can say it is automatic.

It does not matter how old you are, this simple tutorial will help you to start your own successful blog.
This is a step by step guide on how to run a successful blog quite quickly and easily.
Decide on what to blog, you should take into account your experiences and desires in this section.
Decide on the blogging platform that you are going to use.
Choosing a domain and publishing your blog on your own domain.
Start blogging.

Decide on what to blog about.

This is the first thing that a blogger needs to consider. A blogger needs to come up with a topic, some people call blog topics a niche. You can choose a blog topic based on what you are passionate about.

Writing a blog about a topic that is not interesting to you will not be successful because you will be worn out by it. Therefore it is recommended writing a blog that is interesting to you.

Your experience in a particular issue can also be used in coming up with a blog topic.

What Blog should you use? Free or Self Hosted Blog?

I recommend wordpress because it is the most popular used blogging platform by most bloggers and websites and it has been downloaded over 80,000 million times.

Wordpress is the best platform to use to start your blog for some of the following reasons:
You can choose unlimited number of layouts and themes.
It easy to write blog posts, to add images, videos and other content.
People can easily comment and share your blog.
Wordpress looks good on a mobile device.

You have heard that you can create a free hosted blog on platforms such as blogger.com and tumbir.com and much more but it comes with a disadvantage.

Using these free platforms, you will not be able to use your own domain, but you will get a domain extension. For example instead of having your own domain for example; mydomain.com, you will get something like mydomain.blogger.com which is awkward for professional blogging sites. We call these domains sub domains.

Free blogging platforms have limited features and you will not be able to do some things, for example you may not be able to add a shopping cart or a photo gallery which will make your blog to be boring and not interesting.

A Free blogging platform is owned by the host and they regulate what you post, therefore the host has control over the message of your blog. The owner of a free blogging platform can block or terminate your blog if it violates the terms and conditions of agreement when you publish your blog.

My recommendation is that you use a self hosted blog where you will have total control over the information that you publish. You will also get your own domain for example; myblog.com which looks professional for its users.
How much does it cost to self host your own domain on your own blog?

It doesn
t cost much you need like 11$ dollar for domain registration once in a year and 4$ dollars for your blog hosting services each month. A webhost is a service that allows you to connect your blog to the web so that people can visit it.

Selecting the Domain and Setting up the Blog.
A domain is the uniform resource locator of your blog for example myblog.com as we said earlier. To own a domain you need to register it on a public registrar company such as godaddy.com and namecheap.com. Choose a domain that is descriptive of what your blog is all about.

If your blog is a personal blog, the domain should be your own name. You should make sure that your domain is short, easy to mention and to spell.

Install Wordpress. After you have purchased a webhost and a domain name, you can automatically install wordpress on your webhost control panel. Using the one click installation is quite an easy process.

Start Blogging.
Now that your blog is installed and you have logged in. You will be presented with wordpress dashboard. From the Wordpress dashboard, look for the posts section on the left and click on the
Add New post. This will bring up the new post window for you to write your first blog.

When you are comfortable with your first blogpost, on the right hand side you
ll find the publishing box. This section allows you to publish the blogpost for others to see, or save it as a draft. You can also schedule it so it remains unpublished until a date you set in the future.
How to start a successful blog.
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