1Th 5:22  Abstain from all appearance of evil.

What are hellish television programs?
Hellish television programs are the programs which are displayed on the television which do not add any intellectual value to us, they are a waste of time and its contents offend God.

Hellish television programs are designed by the wicked for the sole purpose of perverting peoples mind and teaching people to engage in behavior that displeases God.

If you look at our generation; our children are perverted because of the things which they feed themselves on the television.

The word of God tells us that faith comes by hearing the word of God. Other people in the bible received the Holy Spirit by listening to the gospel.

This tells us that the things which you watch and listen on the television can get a spirit into your life. Most of the children and generally most people watch things that are worldly and we can see the results today.

Most people for example listen to music that teaches them to hate their parents, music that teaches them to be whores, music that teaches them to murder, music that teaches them to steal, kill and destroy e.t.c.

The things which you are watching will work out in the way you live your life.

Examples of hellish television programs.
Worldly music
The music that is played nowadays on the television is not music, but it is an open door for unclean spirits.

Most of the content in worldly music is sex, pornography, bestiality, lesbianism, homosexuality, drugs, murder, stealing, fighting and anything that is designed to pervert the viewers mind.

Stop listening to worldly music because it is sending you to hell. The worldly music played by the children of the devil on the televisions are definitely satanic and an abomination to men.

This kind of music has perverted the world especially the younger generation to the extent where they are so dammed down to the extent that they do not know the difference between right and wrong.

Look at the way our young girls are behaving, they are whores. Their dressing, their conversation, their walks, and generally all aspects of their lives have been perverted.

The sad fact is that this perverted young girls who have been initiated into whoredom through worldly music call themselves Christians and think they will make it to the kingdom of heaven.

Wake up little children before it is too late.
Because of this music our young men are into drugs and some of them are armed gangsters.

Hellish television programs have played a key role in the destruction of morals in our society.

Sexual immoral movies.
Our television is filled with filth explicit content. The television is filled with soft-core pornography which brings demons of lust and perversion into the viewers mind.

How can you claim to be a Christian and watch this staff. If you watch this staff you cannot walk with God, but you are on the broad road that leads to destruction.

Even the female news reporters are dressed like hookers to cause lust. There is little value of the television in our lives. The devil is using the television to destroy the society.

Reasons why people enjoy hellish television programs.
The reason why people watch this programs that God hates is because they are not saved. Anyone that watches and enjoys evil is because they also evil. The wicked enjoy wicked things.

Only filthy dirty people enjoy filthy and dirty things. A holy man cannot watch hellish television programs.
This is a warning against hellish television programs because it has sent many people to hell.

Do not watch this staff and if you are parent restrain your children from watching things that offend God.

Repent if you were partaking in this sin and ask Jesus to cleanse you with His precious blood.
Hellish television programs exposed.
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Hellish television programs