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Isa 56:9  All ye beasts of the field, come to devour, yea, all ye beasts in the forest.

Isa 56:10 His watchmen are blind: they are all ignorant, they are all dumb dogs, they cannot bark; sleeping, lying down, loving to slumber.

What are Dumb Dogs?
Dogs refer to prophets that God has assigned to watch over his people.

The duty of a dog is watch over the sheep so that they are not devoured by beasts from the forest.

In the bible we see that dogs refer to God's watchmen.

The prophets of the lord can be addressed as watchmen or dogs of the Lord who are assigned the duty of watching over the sheep of God to ensure that the enemy does not destroy them.

A dumb dog is a prophet or a watchman who does not do what is required of him. A dumb dog is a dog that is afraid of barking when the enemy has entered the premises or the church.

A dumb dog is afraid of warning the sheep of the imminent danger that is present amongst them.

There are a lot of false prophets who have forsaken their calling and are not living according to the will of God. These false prophets are dumb dogs that wink at sin and let the devil destroy the church with sin.

The false prophets fear telling the church that sinners will die and they need to repent.

That is why perversions have entered the church and the false prophets preach peace and remain silent without warning the sheep of the sword of the Lord which is coming to devour the wicked.

The character of Dumb Dogs?

False prophets are always afraid, greedy of filthy lucre, sleeping and loving to slumber, ignorant and love to tickle the ears of their followers for their own benefit.

You cannot hear the word sin or repentance from a false prophet.

These false prophets don
t care what is happening in the churches or among the children of God; all they care about is the money.

Once you take the money to them that
s it, they do not care about your soul, whether you are going to heaven or hell that is none of their business.

It is a sad commentary that dumb dogs or false prophets have infiltrated the church, that is why there is no fear of God in the churches.

Most of the false prophets are greedy of filthy lucre, and they preach sermons that support their greediness.

The reason why dumb dogs dont bark?
The false prophets do not rebuke sin in the church because they are afraid that the sheep will be offended and take the money to other churches that preach the same unprofitable sermons.

They are more concerned about the money and they could care less about righteousness or holiness in the church.

Most of these false prophets all they care about is the money that is why they wink at sin and come up with false doctrines that support their silence and winking at sin.

Consequences of winking at sin.

There is a severe consequence for remaining silent and not warning the sheep of God. If you look at the modern churches, the devil has led the church completely astray because of false effeminate prophets.

That is why you find women singing on the altar dressed like prostitutes and the pastors and the congregation are lusting after them and the false prophets are not rebuking them.

They don
t rebuke these harlots because they fear they will take the money to other churches. The false prophets are afraid of fighting and defending the sheep of God.

The church of God which was supposed to be separated from the world, is turning out to be a strip club and a place where Christ is put to an open shame.

If you look at the way women dress in the church and on the altar, you might think you are praising the devil or you are in an immorality show.

The worst consequence is eternal damnation. Churches where false prophets wink at sin leads a lot of people to hell. 

People who would have repented are not warned by these false prophets and therefore they continue walking on the broad path thinking that they are on their way to heaven.

That is why there are many prostitutes in the church, homosexuals, drunkards, porn watchers and they have been deceived by the false prophets that they will inherit the kingdom of God.

If they were warned, some of them would have repented. Therefore the people who have dumb watchmen watching over them and the false prophets that wink at sin are both headed to death and hell.

Start barking
If you are a false prophet that winks at sin, and let the beasts of the forests devour the sheep of God, repent and turn around before it is too late.

Start warning the sheep of the dangers of sin and preach on righteousness and let the sheep of God be saved from the enemy of their souls who desires to see their ruin.
Dumb dogs that cannot bark.
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Dumb dogs that cannot bark