1Ti 5:22  Lay hands suddenly on no man, neither be partaker of other men's sins: keep thyself pure.

The devil is capable of doing anything to make sure that he takes believers away from the throne of mercy.

The devil tries to achieve this goal by trying to make us to live a life of sin.

The devil will first tempt you into sinning, if you resist his schemes he will start using sinners around you to try and drag you to the ways of the flesh.

The devil uses his agents who are unbelievers around us or lukewarm Christians to achieve his mission.

That is why the devil sends his girls who dress like prostitutes to force people to lust after them and commit adultery of the heart.

The devil is doing all he can with the aid of his children to drag everyone to hell.

The word of God tells us to resist the wiles of the devil. You can be a partaker of other people
s sins by not reproving sinners when you hang out with them.

If you stay with people who are sinning and you do not point out their sins and tell them to stop, you will be made a partaker of their sin.

When you sit around with people who are drinking alcohol, dressing like hookers, cursing, backbiting and any other thing that they are doing that is against the will of God, you are supposed to tell them truth and tell them to stop it, if they refuse to stop, walk out of there and do not participate in their unfruitful works of darkness.

When you do this they will feel weird and realize that everything is not acceptable. If you hang out with people who are sinning and you do not reprove their deeds which offend God they will not feel weird you will be just be as good as them and you will be a partaker of their sins.

Basically if you do not reprove sin you are contributing to new age Christianity where everything is acceptable, but if you reprove sin and call sins abominations then everything is not acceptable, we have does and don
t as stipulated by the word of God.

Another way in which people can partake in other people
s sin is reacting in the wrong way when we are offended.

People can wrong you to the extent that you feel like you want to avenge the transgressions that they have committed against you.

When people wrong you, do not fight them or abuse them but live it to God to avenge on your behalf.

If you lay your hands suddenly on people when they offend you, you will be made a partaker of their sins and you will end up facing the just judgment of God.

Brethren in Christ Jesus, in order for us to avoid being made a partaker of other people
s sins we should reprove sinners when they come around us always.

We should also avoid insulting or fighting those who hate the truth or insult us.

Remember what the lord Jesus Christ told us that if we warn the wicked from his ways, if he or she does not repent his blood will be on his or her head but if we fail to warn the wicked from the error of his way his blood will be poured over us.

Rebuke sins always and do not fight people by words, deeds, and actions when sinners offend you.

If you keep the commandments and you do not partake in other peoples sins you shall be acknowledged as a true child of God. Do not be a partaker of other men's sins.
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