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2Sa 22:7  In my distress I called upon the LORD, and cried to my God: and he did hear my voice out of his temple, and my cry did enter into his ears.

God is a supreme being who created the heavens and the earth and he runs the entire universe from his throne of glory.

God is all knowing and every creature is manifested before his eyes.

God is aware of each and everything that happens in the entire universe at the same time that is why the Lord Jesus Christ told his disciples to cry out to God. 

God is holy and if we depart from iniquity God will be faithful and just to hear our prayer.

Without God we are nothing, and without God we will all perish.

God is our life because every good and perfect gift comes down from the father of lights.

The sunshine, the air, the rain, the plants, the animals, the conversation that we have with others, good health, peace of mind, our family and friends.

Without God you will not enjoy these things. The devil desires to destroy each and everyone of us but God has his angels policing us.

There are many reasons why we should cry out to God. First and foremost the devil is a walking around like a roaring lion seeking to destroy us.

The devil hates humanity and if granted the opportunity he would destroy each and everyone of us.

We ought to cry out to God to protect us from the enemy of our souls. We get God's protection and favor when we are deep in prayers and worship.

God needs to hear our voice, because he operates in our life with our free will. God never interferes with our free will, what we desire is what he desires to grant us.

Another reason why should cry out to God is that we need his guidance.

The word of God tells us that we should not rely in our own understanding but in all our ways we should acknowledge God and he shall direct our paths.

Most of the time when humanity relies on their own understanding they end up perishing because of lack of wisdom.

A lot of people have committed suicide after coming across a situation or a matter which was too grievous for them to bear and the devil pushed them to end their lives.

If these people relied on God
s understanding and not their own wisdom, they would still be alive today. We should cry out to God and let Him direct our paths.

The devil and his angels are stronger than us and if we don
t submit ourselves in prayer, he will easily overcome us and possibly succeed in dragging us to hell.

We also need to cry out to God for his strength and support.
We need God to give us the inner grace that we require to overcome temptations of the devil and his demons.

We need to cry out to God to give us the grace we need to overcome the spirit of adultery of the heart that the devil has released through his ladies in the streets and in the churches.

The devil has caused wicked women to wear the attire of an harlot and caused a lot of men to stumble and commit adultery in their hearts and for this reason we should ask God to give us the strength to overcome this kind of temptations.

We need the grace of God, because the grace of God is sufficient for us.

We need to cry out to God to protect our marriages because the devil is out to destroy relationships. The devil is against marriages, because it prevents people from committing fornication.

The chief mission of the devil and his demons is to cause humanity to offend God and bring a wedge between God and humanity.

We need to pray to God for sound wisdom, courage, faith, long life, love, humility, love, all the fruits of the Spirit and many other things.

The bottom-line is that we should let God know our needs. The bible says we should not complain but through prayer and supplication let our needs be known to God.

There are many reasons which the devil uses to prevent us from crying out to God. Some people lack faith.

They think God is not capable of delivering them from the situation that they are in which is blasphemous to God. Without faith it is impossible to please God.

The word of God tells us that we should lift up holy hands before God without wrath or doubting. The prayer of a doubting person will definitely go unheard.

Other people fail to pray to God because they trust in their own abilities and they think within their hearts that their wealth and effort is sufficient for them.

The rich fall in this category and that is why Jesus Christ promised us that it is harder for a rich person to enter the kingdom of God than a camel to God in through the eye of a needle.

Whether you are rich, successful or poor we all need to God. Without God we all perish in our sins.

There are consequences of not crying out to God. One of them is suicide. Some people have been reported to commit suicide because they relied on their own strength and wisdom.

The world that we are living in is full of challenges and if we depend on ourselves the devil will use it against us and succeed in destroying our lives.

Some people have been reported to commit suicide because of divorce, losing a loved one, debts that they were unable to pay and many other reasons.

People who do not rely on God commit suicide, fall into depression, lack peace in their hearts and the worse of it all, they may end up in hell.

Prayers to God creates a bond between God and humanity. Going to heaven entails a relationship between God and humanity. Without developing a relationship with God we cannot enter the kingdom of God.

Crying to the Lord is beneficial to us. When we cry out to God, the Holy Spirit comforts us and we will be at peace with the Lord. God is near to those who are of a broken heart and a contrite spirit.

When we cry out to the Lord our needs will be met by God if we pray according to his will.

When we pray we should not pray to saints like false cults, or statues like false cults but we should pray to Jehovah God in Jesus name.

Children of God, cry out to God because God is just to hear our prayers. Trust in God and trust in Jesus Christ because he saves. Those who call upon the Lord will never be ashamed.
Cry out to God.
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Cry out to God