Lev 19:28  Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the LORD.

A tattoo is a permanent word, image or pattern on the skin created by needles which is used to print colors under the skin.

It is common in this modern society for people to tattoo themselves all over their bodies and display those tattoos in public for everyone to see.

The vast majority of people in this modern society have no idea that tattooing the body is sin.

The bible tells us that God's people perish because of ignorance.

We as Christians are here to shed light on biblical truths concerning tattoos.

Majority of people think that tattooing the body is fashionable. Read the word of God and learn the truth. Make it a habit to read the word of God.

How sad is it for human beings to enjoy something that is bringing them to the great white throne of judgment.

The society today is filled up with ignorant people and that is why the devil is tossing up the society up and down with wickedness.

Some people have taken a course in body arts while others are planning to get tattoos. To the worldy, tattoos are the most beautiful thing for a person to have.

But to Christians, we know the truth because we are children of light and we walk in the light, we are no longer ignorant of the devil's devices.

Tattoos are offensive to God. Demons enter people
s lives through tattoos. Anything that is offensive to God is an open door for unclean spirits.

Demons are busy laughing at the people who are tattooing their bodies because they are offending God. The chief mission of the devil is to cause us to offend God.

Demons love when people tattoo their bodies because they know that they are headed to hell when they die. Tattooing the body
has caused a lot of people even Christians who are ignorant of this sin to wind up in hell.

The word of God strictly forbids us from tattooing our bodies. It is very clear in the word of God that cutting your flesh or printing anything on your flesh is wrong.

The word of God clearly tells us not to make any cuttings in the flesh for the living or for the dead nor to print any marks on the skin for the living or for the dead.

Do not make any cuttings in your flesh, nor print any marks on your body. This is a strict commandment by which we will be judged by.

It is unfortunate that people do not read the word of God and therefore they are ignorant about Satan
s tricks and devices.

There is a reason why God forbade us from tattooing the body and i firmly believe it is because God knew people would start taking demonic marks out of ignorance.

Another reason why God does not want us to print marks on our bodies is because our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit and we should keep it holy.

Make it a habit to read the word of God to know the God of the bible. The people who practice body arts and the people who allow permanent marks to be printed on their bodies are demonized.

These people are demonized because the characters that they print on their bodies are demonic.

People tattoo themselves creatures such as serpents, scorpions, demons, satanic marks, illuminati symbols, sculls and so forth. Demons look exactly similar to these tattoos in the spirit realm.

If you have tattoos, repent and have them covered by the blood of Jesus Christ because demons come in through tattoos. The people who are tattooing their bodies are breaking God's commandments and they need to repent.

If you have a friend who is planning to get tattoos, please stop him and give him the bible scripture that forbids us from printing marks on our bodies.

Do not remain silent but expose the devil and his wicked ways.
Biblical teaching about tattoos.
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Biblical teaching about tattoos