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Psa 103:8  The LORD is merciful and gracious, slow to anger, and plenteous in mercy.

Anger can be defined as a strong feeling which makes a person want to hurt someone because of something hurtful that has happened.

Anger blinds a lot of people and it can cause the wrathful to commit an atrocity which they will later regret.

We are advised by the word of God not to be wrathful but to have self control. God is offended when we get angry because the anger of man does not fulfill the will of God.

People who have a tendacy to get angry most of the time do not fulfill the will of God. Most people who are led by anger do deeds that please the wicked one.

We are to be led by a sober mind in our acts or deeds. A true Christian should avoid displaying rage because when a Christian displays rage, you prove to God and to other people that you are not a true Christian.

Offences in this world are common and are bound to come. We cannot deceive ourselves that we will leave comfortably with all men without offences.

The word of God tells us to strive to live peacefully with all men. Wicked ones will always offend the good all the time especially during preaching, evangelizing, singing for God or any act or deed that pleases God.

At such a time, the devil conjures up through the wicked and they start insulting the righteous. In such circumstances we are required by God to avoid losing our temper and insulting the wicked.

Our God is slow to anger. God Himself has anger, but He is slow to anger. That is why God has given us chance after chance to repent but that chance ceases after a person dies in his or her sins.

Sinners who die without Christ will suffer the wrath of God for all eternity. We are required by God to be slow to wrath. We are not supposed to lay our hands suddenly on any man.

A person who is slow to wrath is of great understanding, but a man who is slow to wrath is a fool. A wise man or a wise woman will overlook an insult.

We are required by God to learn how to overlook insults from wicked people. Insults are a bound to come and we must develop a technique to live in this wicked world.

Jesus Christ told us in the world we will have tribulations but we should be of good cheer because He overcame the world.

Only overcomers will inherit the kingdom of God. Insults and persecutions will come, but we are to rely on God to see us through.

Anger has a lot of disadvantages to the relationship that we have with people and with God.

Anger can cause the healthy relationship that you have with your parent, your boss, your child, your relative or any other healthy relationship that you have to come to an end.

Learn to let go of transgressions for this is pleasing to God. God hates wrath and He will cast wrathful men into hell. Anger leads to grudges.

When we have grudges against our neighbors we prove to God that we have not forgiven them. God cannot forgive us our sins if we fail to forgive those who wrong us.

You have to let go of offences in order for God to forgive you your sins. Anger is an open door to evil spirits.

Anger brings demons into the lives of people who are full of wrath. When we are angry, the evil spirits that dwell in us become empowered and motivate us to do things that we will later regret.

In order to prevent demons of wrath from invading our bodies, we must learn to be slow to anger and avoid anger at all costs.

Training leads to perfection. When you learn to avoid being swift to anger, you will learn to control yourself.

Learning to have self control is an essential element in overcoming anger. A person who controls his anger is greater than the mighty and greater that he that conquers a city.

Controlling your anger shows how strong you are in Christ. People are weak cannot control their anger.

If you are a person who is full of wrath, it is time for you to repent and ask Jesus to wash you with His precious blood. Ask Jesus to give you the grace that you need to overcome anger.

When we learn to control our emotions and not fulfill the desires of the flesh, we will be recognized by God and men to be true Children of the most high God.
(Be Slow To Anger).
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